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The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) examines and investigates all types of marine accidents to or on board UK ships worldwide, and other ships in UK territorial waters.

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Danio aground

Danio Accident Investigation Report

Published 2 April 2014

  • The chief officer, who was on watch at the time, was asleep for more than 3 hours before the vessel ran aground. No lookout was posted and the bridge watch alarm was turned off.
  • The chief officer worked 17 hours in the previous port and was likely to have been suffering from the effects of cumulative fatigue. The hours of work and rest on Danio had been falsified.
  • Following a recommendation from the MAIB in its 2004 Bridge Watchkeeping safety study, the United Kingdom attempted to secure an international mandate for a minimum of three watchkeepers on commercially operated cargo vessels. This initiative received insufficient support from other European flag administrations. Therefore, a new recommendation has now been made to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to work closely with the European Commission and EU member states, to propose to the IMO that all vessels engaged on short sea trades carry a minimum of two navigational watchkeepers in addition to the master.

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MAIB Safety Digest 1/2014

Published 1 April 2014

The MAIB Safety Digest is a compendium of anonymous articles involving vessels from the Merchant, Fishing and Small Craft sectors which draws the attention of the marine community to some of the lessons arising from investigations into recent accidents and incidents.

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MAIB Safety Bulletin

ECC Topaz Safety Bulletin published 26 February 2014

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch is investigating the fire and subsequent foundering of workboat ECC Topaz. At this stage in the investigation, the most likely cause of the fire is considered to be an uninsulated exhaust pipe from an air heater being in close proximity to the plywood structure of the vessel. Evidence from similar vessels indicates that this is not an isolated case and a Safety Bulletin has been published with the following advice to owners and operators:

  • Check that all exhaust pipes on their vessels are fully insulated and do not come close to combustible material.
  • Fit fire/smoke detectors in enclosed spaces where diesel-fired air heaters are installed.
  • Avoid placing flammable material in compartments that contain potential heat sources.

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