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The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) examines and investigates all types of marine accidents to or on board UK ships worldwide, and other ships in UK territorial waters.

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Bayliner Capri

Bayliner Capri Accident Investigation Report

Published 16 October 2014

The safety issues identified are:

  • The men were not sufficiently experienced for the deteriorating weather conditions encountered, and had probably not studied the forecast.
  • The boat had a low freeboard at its stern making it vulnerable to swamping when its propeller became fouled.
  • The boat had no VHF radio, no distress flares and apart from the men’s mobile phones, there was no means of raising the alarm as the situation deteriorated.
  • The men were not wearing lifejackets or thermal flotation suits and did not have personal locator beacons. Only one of the men wore a buoyancy aid, which, unlike a lifejacket, was not able to turn him face-up and keep his mouth clear once he entered the water.

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Safety Digest 2/2014

Published 1 October 2014

The MAIB Safety Digest is a compendium of anonymous articles involving vessels from the merchant, fishing and small craft sector, which draws the attention of the marine community to some of the lessons arising from investigations into recent accidents and incidents.

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