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Accident/incident type

Date of incident

Status of investigation*

Zarga Parting of mooring line while the Marshall Islands registered liquefied natural gas tanker was berthing at Milford Haven, Wales. Injuries sustained by 1 crew member. 02/03/15 Under investigation
Lysblink Seaways Grounding of a general cargo vessel near Ardnamurchan Point, Scotland. 18/02/15 Under investigation
Ever Smart/Alexandra Collision between a UK registered container ship and a Marshall Island registered oil tanker off Jebel Ali, UAE. Both vessels were damaged. 11/02/15 Under investigation
Beryl Fatal man overboard from the UK registered stern trawler while 20nm west of Shetland. 10/02/15 Under investigation
GPS Battler Death of a joining crewman who fell into the water from the quayside in Marin, Spain. 06/01/15 Under investigation
Hoegh Osaka Grounding of Singapore registered vehicle carrier after listing while departing the port of Southampton,UK. All crew were successfully evacuated from the vessel. 03/01/15 Under investigation
Cemfjord The foundering of the Cyprus registered cement carrier east of the Pentland Firth with all 8 crew missing. 02/01/15 Under investigation
Margriet/Orakai Collision between UK registered fishing vessel Margriet (LT36) and Gibraltar registered chemical tanker Orakai in the North Sea. Both vessels were damaged resulting in some pollution (FV fuel oil). Margriet was escorted to Ijmuiden (NL) by the NL coastguard; Orakai resumed its passage to Portbury Docks. There were no injuries. 21/12/14 Under investigation
Vectis Eagle Grounding of the UK registered cargo ship in Gijon, Spain. The vessel sustained serious hull damage and was dry-docked for repair. 30/11/14 Under investigation
Dover Seaways Heavy contact between ro-ro passenger vessel and the harbour wall. 09/11/14 Under investigation
Ocean Way Loss of 17m fishing vessel approximately 100 miles east of the Farne Islands. The vessel had 5 crew, 1 has been recovered deceased, 2 have been rescued and 2 remain missing. 02/11/14 Under investigation
Pride of Canterbury Engine room fire on board a UK registered RoPax ferry while the vessel was entering Calais. 29/09/14 Under investigation
GPS Battler Death of the master of a tug following the capsize of a dinghy off Almeria, Spain. 13/08/14 Under investigation
Sapphire Princess Death of a passenger in a swimming pool on board a UK registered passenger ship while on passage in the East China Sea. 07/08/14 Under investigation
Stella Maris Loss of the under 10m trawler while recovering its nets approximately 12nm east of Sunderland. Both crew members were later rescued from their liferaft without injury. 28/07/14 Under investigation
St Helen A mezzanine car deck on a ro-ro ferry sustained a failure resulting in the deck falling several feet and causing some minor injuries while the vessel was unloading in Fishbourne, Isle of Wight. 18/07/14 Under investigation
Millennium Time/Redoubt Collision between passenger vessel and tug on the River Thames in London resulting in a number of minor injuries and damage to both vessels. 16/07/14 Consultation stage
Barfleur/Bramble Bush Bay Contact between the French registered ro-ro passenger ferry Barfleur and the chains of the chain ferry Bramble Bush Bay in Poole Harbour. 16/07/14 Consultation stage
Commodore Clipper The Bahamas-flagged ro-ro ferry grounded in the waters off Guernsey resulting in extensive hull damage. 14/07/14 Under investigation
Norjan Fall from height of the chief officer, while loading cargo onto the deck of the general cargo vessel in Southampton, England. 18/06/14 Under investigation
Shoreway/Orca Collision between Cyprus registered dredger and UK yacht off Harwich, resulting in the sinking of the yacht and one fatality. 08/06/14 Consultation Stage
Cheeki Rafiki Loss of yacht with four crew in Atlantic Ocean while on passage from Antigua to UK. 16/05/14 Consultation stage
Dieppe Seaways Fire on board a French registered passenger/ro-ro cargo ferry on its approach to Dover, UK. Injuries sustained to a number of shore-based firefighters and ship's crew. 01/05/14 Under investigation
Nagato Reefer Malfunction of a lifeboat recovery system on a Panamanian-flagged refrigerated cargo ship resulting in an injury to a crewmember during a drill in Southampton. 09/04/14 Consultation stage
Ronan Orla (CO10) Fatal accident on board the 9.98m fishing vessel off the coast of Holyhead. 30/03/14 Consultation stage
Sea Breeze Engine room flooding on board the Barbados registered general cargo ship off Lizard Point, Cornwall, which led to the vessel's master and crew abandoning into an RNLI lifeboat. 09/03/14 Under investigation

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Investigations into accidents involving UK flagged vessels that, by agreement, are being led by other administrations

Vessel's name

Accident/ incident type

Date of Incident

Lead State

Suntis Three fatalities on board German registered cargo vessel while alongside at Goole. 26/05/14 Germany

Safety Bulletin published on 14 August 2014


*Status of investigation

Under investigation - this means an investigation is being carried out, which will lead to a published report.

Consultation stage - when an investigation is largely complete a draft copy of the report is sent to interested parties for comment.



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