Reports by vessel category

Merchant vessels


Vessel Name Vessel Type Accident Type Accident Date
Millennium Diamond
(No 7/2015)
Passenger ferry Contact with Tower Bridge, River Thames. 04/06/14
Key Bora
(No 31/2014)
Chemical tanker Failure of the controllable pitch propeller, resulting in heavy contact with the jetty in the port of Hull. 20/12/13
Rickmers Dubai,Kingston and Walcon Wizard
(No 29/2014)
General cargo/Tug/Crane barge The collision of the general cargo vessel with the crane barge being towed by the tug, in the south-west lane of the Dover Strait Traffic Separation Scheme. 11/01/14
Paula C/Darya Gayatri
(No 25/2014)
General cargo/Bulk carrier Collision between the general cargo vessel and the bulk carrier in the south-west lane of the Dover Strait Separation Scheme. 11/12/13
(No 15/2014)
Chemical tanker Contact of the oil tanker with the quayside at Northfleet Hope Container Temrinal, Tilbury, River Thames. 25/07/13
CMA CGM Florida and Chou Shan
(No 11/2014)
Container vessel and bulk carrier Collision between container vessel CMA CGM Florida and the bulk carrier Chou Shan in open water 140 miles east of Shanghai. 19/03/13
Christos XXII
(No 10/2014)
Tug Collision between tug and its tow Emsstrom off Hope's Nose, Tor Bay, England. 13/01/2013
Sirena Seaways
(No 6/2014)
ROPAX Contact with the berth at Harwich International Port. 22/06/2013
(No 24/2013)
Passenger/ro-ro cargo vessel Contact with berth and subsequent flooding in Holyhead, UK. 16/02/2013
Windcat 9 and Island Panther Combined Report
(No 23/2013)
Catamarans Combined reports into the contact with a floating target by the wind farm passenger transfer catamaran Windcat 9 while transiting Donna Nook Air Weapons Range in the south-west approaches to the River Humber and the contact of Island Panther with turbine I-6, in Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm. 21/11/2012
(No 22/2013)
Bulk carrier Contact and grounding at Gravesend Reach, River Thames. 15/11/2012
Seagate and Timor Stream
(No 17/2013)
Geared Bulk Carrier/
Refrigerated-Cargo Ship
Collision 24 nautical miles north of the Dominican Republic. 10/03/2012
ACX Hibiscus and Hyundai Discovery
(No 15/2013)
Container vessels Collision in the approaches to the eastern Singapore Strait TSS at 0756 local time. 11/12/2011
Alexander Tvardovskiy, UKD Bluefin and Wilson Hawk
(No 10/2013)
Dry Cargo vessel/ Trailing suction hopper dredger/ General cargo vessel Collision in the port of Immingham. 1/08/2013
Stena Feronia and Union Moon
(No 26/2012)
RoPax and Cargo vessel Collision in Belfast Lough, UK. 7/03/2012
Spring Bok and Gas Arctic
(No 24/2012)
Cargo vessel and LPG Tanker Collision 6nm south of Dungeness, UK 24/03/2012
Moon Clipper
(No 21/2012)
High-speed catamaran Steering control failure and subsequent contact on the River Thames, resulting in injuries to several passengers and crew. 5/10/2011
Pride of Calais
(No 18/2012)
Ro-ro vessel Machinery failure leading to contact with the berth in Calais, France. 22/10/2011
Clipper Point
(No 16/2012)
Ro-ro cargo ferry Contact between the ro-ro cargo ferry, at the Port of Heysham’s South Quay, and two berthed ships. 24/05/2011
(No 12/2012)
Tug Collision, capsize and foundering with the loss of one crewmember at Greenwich Reach, River Thames. 12/08/2011
(No 9/2012)
Cargo vessel Failure of the controllable pitch propeller resulting in heavy contact with a berthed tug in Immingham harbour. 25/06/2011
Sun Clipper and Morfil
(No 8/2012)
Passenger vessel and Rigid-hulled inflatable boat Collision by Blackfriar's Road Bridge, River Thames. 1/06/2011
Cosco Hong Kong and Zhe Ling Yu Yun 135
(No 27/2011)
Container vessel and Fish transportation vessel Collision in the East China Sea resulting in the loss of 11 lives. 6/03/2011
CMA CGM Platon
(No 26/2011)
Container vessel Contact with Bevans Wharf, River Thames. 15/05/2011
Philipp and Lynn Marie
(No 20/2011)
Container feeder vessel and Fishing vessel Collision 6nm south of the Isle of Man. 09/04/2011
Boxford/Admiral Blake
(No 17/2011)
Container vessel and Fishing vessel Collision 29nm south of Start Point. 11/02/2011
Skandi Foula
(No 15/2011)
Platform Supply vessel Contact with OMS Resolution in Aberdeen harbour. 29/05/2010
SBS Typhoon
(No 13/2011)
Platform Supply vessel Contact in Aberdeen harbour. 26/02/2011
(No 10/2011)
Bulk carrier Contact with Langton-Alexandra swing bridge in the Port of Liverpool. 11/12/2010
Norman Arrow
(No 7/2011)
High Speed Craft Contacts with quays in Portsmouth International Port, UK and with a mooring dolphin in Le Havre, France. 31/03/2010 and 29/08/2010
Scottish Viking & Homeland
(No 4/2011)
Ro-ro passenger vessel & fishing vessel Collision resulting in one fatality. 05/08/2010
Isle of Arran
(No 13/2010)
Roro vehicle passenger ferry Contact by Isle of Arran with the linkspan at Kennacraig 06/02/2010
Alam Pintar & Etoile des Ondes
(No 11/2010)
Bulk carrier & Fishing vessel Collision between the Singapore registered bulk carrier and UK registered fishing vessel 15 miles north of the Cherbourg peninsula resulting in one fatality and the loss of the fishing vessel. 20/12/09
Saetta / Conger
(No 3/2010)
Merchant Tankers Collision between mt Saetta and mt Conger on completion of a ship to ship transfer 9.5 miles south east of Southwold, UK 10/08/09
(No 23/2009)
Product tanker Contact made by the tanker Vallermosa, with the tankers Navion Fennia and BW Orinoco at the Fawley Marine Terminal 25/02/09
Scot Isles & Wadi Halfa
(No 10/2009)
General Cargo vessel/Bulk Carrier Collision between Scot Isles and Wadi Halfa in the Dover Strait 29/10/09
Sichem Melbourne
(No 18/2008)
Chemical/Products Carrier Contact with mooring structures at Coryton Oil Refinery terminal 25/02/08
(No 10/2008)
Roro Cargo vessel Contact between Ursine and Pride of Bruges in King Georges Dock, Hull 13/11/2007
(No 2/2008)
Product tanker/Cargo vessel Collision at the entrance to the River Humber 14/04/07
Logos II
(No 1/2008)
Passenger ship Two accidents during berthing and unberthing of Logos II St Helier, Jersey 20 & 26 June 2007
Sea Express1/Alaska Rainbow
(No 22/2007)
Highspeed ferry/General Cargo Collision between Sea Express 1 and Alaska Rainbow on the River Mersey 03/02/07
Skagern/Samskip Courier
(No 6/2007)
Container Vessel/Cargo Vessel Investigation of the collision in the Humber Estuary 07/06/06
Arctic Ocean and Maritime Lady
(No 2/2007)
Container/Dry Cargo/Chemical tanker Collision between Arctic Ocean and Maritime Lady, the capsize of Maritime Lady and contact with wreck of Maritime Lady by Sunny Blossom, and its subsequent grounding in the Elbe River 05/12/05
Red Falcon
(No 26/2006)
Ro-ro passenger vehcle Contact with the linkspan at Town Quay, Southampton 10/03/06
(No 15/2006)
Supply and Standby vessel/ Fishing Vessel Collision between fishing vessel Harvester and mv Strilmoy in the North Sea 04/11/05
Lykes Voyager/Washington Senator
(No 4/2006)
Container Ship Collision between Lykes Voyager and Washington Senator, Taiwan Strait 08/04/05
(No 23/2005)
Fishing vessel Collision of the general cargo vessel Orade with the Apex Beacon, River Ouse 01/03/05
Thorngarth/Stolt Aspiration
(No 21/2005)
Tug/Chemical Tanker Collision between Thorngarth and Stolt Aspiration, River Mersey, Liverpool 13/04/05
Amenity/Tor Dania
(No 20/2005)
Tanker Collision between Amenity and Tor Dania south of Grimsby Middle, the River Humber, UK 23/01/05
Hyundai Dominion/Sky Hope
(No 17/2005)
Container Vessels Collision between Hyundai Dominion and Sky Hope in the East China Sea 21/06/04
Brenda Prior/Beatrice
(No 16/2005)
Aggregates Dredger Collision between Brenda Prior and Beatrice, Lambeth Pier, River Thames 17/12/04
Isle of Mull
(No 13/2005)
Ro-ro vehicle/passenger ferry Contact between Isle of Mull and Lord of the Isles and subsequent contact with Oban Railway Pier, Oban Bay 29/12/04
Scot Explorer and Dorthe Dalsoe
(No 10/2005)
General Cargo/Fishing vessel Collision between Scot Explorer and Dorthe Dalsoe, Route ‘T’ in the Kattegat Scandinavia 02/11/04
(No 6/2005)
Ro-ro ferry Contact made by the UK registered ro-ro ferry Daggri with the breakwater at Ulsta, Shetland Islands 30/07/04
Star Clipper
(No 3/2005)
Class V Passenger vessel Failure of a mooring bollard resulting in a fatal accident at St Katherine’s Pier, River Thames, London 02/05/05
Lord Nelson
(No 14/2004)
Sail training vessel Contact with Tower Bridge, London, River Thames 15/05/04
Reno/Ocean Rose
(No 13/2004)
Chemical Tanker/Fishing vessel Collision 06/03/04
Scot Venture
(No 11/2004)
General Cargo vessel Contact with Number 16 buoy by Scot Venture, Drogden Channel, Denmark 29/01/04
P&O Nedlloyd Vespucci/

(No 28/2003)
Container ship/Yacht Collision 28/05/03
Nottingham Princess
(No 21/2003)
River Cruiser Striking of Trent Bridge, Nottingham 15/11/02
Pride of Portsmouth
(No 20/2003)
Passenger ro-ro ferry/Type 23 Duke class frigate Collision 27/10/02
Marbella/Bravo Delta offshore platform
(No 11/2003)
Fishing vessel Collision between UK registered fishing vessel and offshore platform in the Rough Gas Field about 25 miles south-east of Flamborough Head 08/05/02
Northern Merchant

(No 10/2003)
Passenger/ro-ro cargo ferries Collision 06/01/02
Maria H
(No 8/2003)
General cargo Striking the Keadby railway bridge 29/05/02

(No 7/2003)
General cargo/Chemical tanker Collision 09/10/01
Gulser Ana
(No 41/2002)
Bulk carrier Accident involving the starboard lifeboat of the bulk carrier 17/10/01
Stena Gothica
(No 39/2002)
ro-ro ferry Collision 02/04/02
Global Mariner
(No 35/2002)
Dry cargo vessel Collision and subsequent foundering 02/08/00
(No 30/2002)
General cargo ships Collision 25/02/02
Bramble Bush Bay
(No 20/2002)
Chain Ferry Collision between ferry and four yachts 25/06/02
Commodore Clipper
(No 19/2002)
ro-ro passenger Broaching of fast rescue boat while being launched from Commodore Clipper 18/02/01
Sand Heron/Celtit
Aggregates dredger/Fishing vessel Collision 30/07/01
(No 12/2002)
General cargo/Refrigerated cargo Collision 07/06/01
Our Sarah Jane/

(No 9/2002)
Trawler/ro-ro cargo Collision 20/06/01
Saint Jacques II

(No 5/2002)
Tanker/Fishing vessel Collision 23/04/01
Poole Scene

(No 40/2001)
General cargo/
Feeder container
Collision 27/12/00

(No 30/2001)
Bulk carrier/Shuttle tanker Collision between vessels, Immingham Oil Terminal 12/12/00

(No 31/2001)
Tank barge Collision 21/12/00
P&OSL Aquitaine
(No 27/2001)
Ro-ro ferry Impact with quay by ferry 27/04/00
Rose Ryal

(No 26/2001)
Cargo ship/Pleasure yacht Collision between Wightstone and moored yacht. 09/11/00
European Tideway/
Vrouw Grietje
(No 25/2001)
Ro-ro passenger ferry/Beam trawler Collision 16/10/00

(No 18/2001)
Cargo/Bulk carrier Collision 25/09/00
Highland Pioneer
(No 15/2001)
Offshore supply vessel Collision 27/01/00
MSC Sabrina
(No 7/2001)
Cargo vessel/Container vessel Collision between vessels off Texel Traffic Separation Scheme 13/06/00
Celtic King/
De Bounty

(No 2/2001)
Feeder container ship/Fishing vessel Collision 19/03/00
Pasadena Universal/

(No 35/2000)
Reefer/Bulk carrier Collision 12/01/00
Dole America
(No 32/2000)
Refridgerated cargo vessel Collision with the Nab Tower 07/11/99
Silvery Sea/

(No 21/2000)
Fishing vessel/Container ship Collision which lead to the foundering of Silvery Sea 14/06/98
Union Arbo/

(No 19/2000)
Cargo ship/Fishing vessel Collision 02/09/99
(No 18/2000)
Class V passenger vessel Steering failure and subsequent collision with Lambeth Bridge 04/10/99
Luc/Toisa Puffin
(No 13/2000)
Fishing vessel/Offshore safety stand-by vessel Collision 13/06/99
Hoo Robin/
Arklow Marsh

(No 8/2000)
Cargo vessels Collision 02/03/99
Beverley Ann II/
Cypress Pass

(No 4/2000)
Fishing vessel/ro-ro vehicle carrier Collision 09/03/99
British Trent/
Western Winner
Published 21/04/95
Bulk carrier
Collision 03/06/93
Whilhelmina J/

Published 10/09/92
Fishing vessel/Cargo vessel Collision 10/04/91

Published 09/07/92
Collision 22/11/90
Published 02/04/92
Passenger cruise ship Re-appraisal of evidence relating to SS Californian 14/04/1912
Passenger launch/Aggregates dredger Collision 20/08/89