Reports by vessel category

Merchant vessels


Vessel Name Vessel Type Accident Type Accident Date
ECC Topaz
(No 4/2015)
Passenger Transfer Catamaran Fire and subsequent foundering while conducting engine trials off the east coast of England. 14/01/14
Wacker Quacker 1 and Cleopatra
(No 32/2014)
DUKW amphibious passenger vehicles Sinking and abandonment of the DUKW amphibious passenger vehicle Wacker Quacker 1 in Salthouse Dock, Liverpool and the fire and abandonment of the DUKW amphibious passenger vehicle Cleopatra on the River Thames, London. 15/06/13 and 29/09/13
(No 24/2013)
Passenger/ro-ro cargo vessel Contact with berth and subsequent flooding in Holyhead, UK. 16/02/13
(No 16/2013)
Passenger Ferry Foundering in Ardlui Marina, Loch Lomond. 19/09/12
(No 12/2013)
General cargo vessel Structural failure and foundering in the Irish Sea with the loss of six crew. 27/11/11
(No 12/2012)
Tug Collision, capsize and foundering with the loss of one crewmember at Greenwich Reach, River Thames. 12/08/11
Abigail H
(No 15/2009)
Grab hopper dredger Investigation into the flooding and foundering of dredger Abigail H in Port of Heysham. 2/11/08
Portsmouth Express
(No 14/2003)
High Speed craft Wash wave accident 18/07/02
(No 9/2003)
Passenger cruise ship Flooding of aft engine 23/06/02
P&OSL Canterbury
(No 16/2002)
ro-ro passenger vessel Flooding 17/05/01
(No 29/2000)
Cargo vessel Flooding to engine room 01/09/99
Adherence Tug Loss of tug in the Bay of Biscay 25/10/96
(No 1/2000)
Single deck cargo vessel Foundering with the loss of four lives 25/04/1998
Irving Forest
Published 30/04/92
General cargo vessel Abandonment and subsequent sinking of a motor vessel January 1990
Published 02/05/91
Suction Dredger Loss of vessel with
four lives