Reports by vessel category

Merchant vessels


Vessel Name Vessel Type Accident Type Accident Date
Navigator Scorpio
(No 30/2014)
Liquefied gas carrier Grounding of the liquefied gas carrier on Haisborough Sand, North Sea. 03/01/14
(No 24/2014)
Oil/Chemical tanker The grounding of a tanker in the Dover Strait. 18/09/13
Stena Alegra
(No 12/2014)
RoPax ferry Anchor dragging and subsequent grounding at Karlskrona, Sweden. 28/10/13
(No 8/2014)
General cargo vessel Grounding off Longstone, Farne Islands, England 16/03/13
(No 4/2014)
General Cargo vessel Grounding on Haisborough Sand 26/02/13
Fri Ocean
(No 26/2013)
General Cargo vessel Grounding 2.5 miles south of Tobermory 14/06/13
(No 22/2013)
Bulk carrier Contact and grounding at Gravesend Reach, River Thames 15/11/12
(No 14/2013)
Dry cargo vessel Grounding on Cabo Negro, Spain 12/12/12
Coastal Isle
(No 9/2013)
Container vessel Grounding on the Island of Bute 2/07/12
(No 8/2013)
General cargo vessel Grounding at Raynes Jetty in Llanddulas, North Wales 3/04/12
(No 28/2012)
Ro-ro Cargo Grounding, windlass damage and accident to person in Firth of Clyde and Troon, Scotland 26-27/11/11
Karin Schepers
(No 10/2012)
Container vessel Grounding at Pendeen, Cornwall, UK 03/08/11
(No 6/2012)
Feeder container vessel Electrical blackout and subsequent grounding on the River Tyne 16/03/11
CSL Thames
(No 2/2012)
Bulk Carrier Grounding in the Sound of Mull 9/08/11
(No 18/2011)
Feeder container vessel Grounding near Malaga, Spain 15/02/11
Maersk Kendal
(No 2/2010)
Container vessel Grounding on Monggok Sebarok reef in the Singapore Strait 16/09/09
TS Royalist
(No 26/2009)
Sail training vessel Grounding near Chapman's Pool off the south coast of the UK 5/04/09
(No 18/2009)
Ro-ro cargo vessel Grounding and subsequent loss of ro-ro cargo vessel on Shell Flats - Cleveleys Beach, Lancashire 31/01/08
(No 7/2009)
General cargo vessel Grounding of a general cargo vessel near Larne, Northern Ireland 29/06/08
(No 5/2009)
Ro-ro cargo ship The electrical blackout and subsequent grounding of Moondance in Warrenpoint Harbour, Northern Ireland 29/06/08
(No 4/2009)
Chemical & Oil Tanker Grounding of Tanker on Princessa Shoal, East of Isle of Wight 10/03/08
Pride of Canterbury
(No 2/2009)
Passenger ferry Grounding of passenger ferry on "The Downs" - off Deal, Kent 31/01/08
CFL Performer
(No 21/2008)
Dry Cargo vessel Grounding on Haisborough Sand, North Sea. 12/05/08
Octopus/ Harald
(No 18/2007)
Jack-up Barge/ Tug Grounding of the jack-up barge, towed by the Tug. In Stronsay Firth, Orkney Islands 08/09/06
(No 14/2007)
Steel live fish carrier Grounding in the Sound of Mull 11/11/06
Harvest Caroline
(No 13/2007)
General cargo Grounding North-west coast of Scotland 31/10/06
(No 12/2007)
General cargo Grounding at the approaches to the Dee Estuary 10/08/06
(No 24/2006)
Combi freighter Grounding 12/02/06
CP Valour
(No 22/2006)
Container vessel Grounding 09/12/05
(No 18/2006)
ro-ro passenger ferry Grounding 05/12/05
(No 17/2006)
Hatchless container ship Grounding 05/01/06
Anglian Sovereign
(No 16/2006)
Emergency Towing Vessel Grounding 03/09/05
(No 14/2006)
General Cargo Grounding 10/10/05
British Enterprise(No 25/2005) Tanker Grounding 11/12/04
Sardinia Vera(No 19/2005) ro-ro ferry Grounding 11/01/05
Stolt Tern(No 18/2005) Product tanker Grounding 01/12/04
Balmoral(No 14 2005) Passenger vessel Grounding 18/10/04
Jackie Moon(No 5 2005) Cargo vessel Grounding 01/09/04
Attilio Ievoli (No 2/2005) Chemical tanker Grounding 03/06/04
Waverley(No1 2005) Passenger vessel Grounding 20/06/04
HC Katia
(No 8/2004)
Ferry Grounding 03/12/03
Trident VI
(No 1/2004
Inter-island passenger vessel Grounding 23/08/03
(No 27/2003)
General cargo ship Grounding 29/06/03
(No 27/2003)
General cargo ship Grounding 29/06/03
Pride of the Dart
(No 12/2003)
Class VI passenger vessel Grounding 28/06/0
(No 33/2002)
Motor pleasure yacht Grounding 09/08/01
Sardinia Vera
(No 32/2002)
Passenger ro-ro ferry Grounding 01/02/02
(No 31/2002)
Product tanker Grounding, in Cawsand Bay, Plymouth Sound 01/01/02
(No 23/2002)
Pallets Carrier Grounding 07/05/01
P&O Nedlloyd Megellan
(No 18/2002)
Container ship Grounding 20/02/01
(No 17/2002)
ro-ro vessel Grounding 14/03/01
Stena Challenger
Ro-ro ferry Grounding of a passenger Ro-Ro ferry at Blériot-Plage, Calais 19/09/95