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Arklow Meadow
(No 21/2013)
General cargo vessel Release of phosphine gas during cargo discharge, Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland 5/12/12
(No 17/2010)
Ro-ro passenger vessel Unintended movement of the ro-ro passenger vessel during loading operations at Heysham 26/03/10
Stena Voyager
(No 21/2009)
Roll-on roll-off high-speed sea service cargo ferry The shift of an articulated road tanker on board Stena Voyager in Loch Ryan 28/01/09
Costa Atlantica & Grand Neptune
(No 20/2008)
Passenger Cruise ship/ Car carrier Close-quarters situation in the Dover Strait. 15/05/08
(No 14/2008)
Vehicle carrier Inadvertant release of Carbon Dioxide and disabling of vessel 06/12/07
Young Lady
(No 3/2008)
Crude oil aframax product carrier Dragged her anchor off Teesport 25/06/07
(No 10/2007)
Gas Carrier Major LPG leak from the gas carrier Ennerdale while alongside Fawley Marine Terminal 17/10/06
Maersk Dover/Appollonia/
Maersk Vancouver
Ro-ro passenger ferry/
Container vessel
Close-quarters situation between Maersk Dover, Apollonia and Maersk Vancouver in the Dover Strait 17/10/06
Coral Acropora
(No 4/2005)
Liquified gas carrier Escape of Vinyl Chloride Monomer onboard Coral Acropora Runcorn, Manchester Ship Canal 10/08/04
(No 24/2003)
Ro-ro cargo vessel Investigation of the entanglement in moorings of mv Claymore, St Margaret’s Hope 11/03/03
Bro Axel/Noordhinder
(No 22/2003)
Tanker/Beam Trawler Near miss between Bro Axel and Noordhinder and the subsequent grounding of Bro Axel at Milford Haven 05/09/12
Dutch Navigator
(No 37/2002)
General Cargo Shift of cargo containers 25-26/04/01
Lady Hamilton of Helford
(No 11/2002)
Feeder Container/Gill Netter Near-miss incident 28/06/01
Pride of Cherbourg and Briarthorn
(No 4/2002)
Ro-ro ferry/Cargo vessel Near miss between vessels in the Eastern Solent 07/02/01
Pride of Bilbao
(No 4/2001)
Rescue boat Rescue boat falling from Pride of Bilbao into Cherbourg Harbour injuring two people 01/07/00
Elm/Suzanne Bulk carrier/
Stern trawler
Near-miss 11/02/99
Hoegh Duke
Published 09/12/94
Bulk carrier Lifeboat accident 20/08/92
Mobil Petrel
Published 28/11/91
Oil tanker Over pressurisation of cargo tank 28/11/91