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(No 12/2012)
Tug Collision, capsize and foundering with the loss of one crewmember at Greenwich Reach, River Thames 12/08/11
(No 4/2010)
Tug Loss of the tug Ijsselstroom in the port of Peterhead 14/06/09
Flying Phantom/Red Jasmine
(No 17/2008)
Tug/Bulk Carrier Loss of the tug Flying Phantom while towing Red Jasmine on the River Clyde, resulting in three fatalities and one injury. 19/12/07
Haitian Sloop/ Sea Quest
(No 17/2007)
Sloop/ Police Launch Capsize of an un-named sloop resulting in the loss of at least 60 lives. 04/05/07
(No 11/2005)
Passenger Launch Capsize of the passenger launch Swan on the River Avon, Bath 14/10/04
Breakaway 5
(No 2/2004)
Hire day boat Capsize of Breakaway 5, River Bure, Norfolk 19/07/03
Atlantic Eagle
(No 24/2001)
Rigid Inflatable boat Capsize of vessel off St Justinians, Ramsey Sound 28/09/00
Portsmouth Dory
(No 6/2001)
Dory Capsize of school boat on Fountain Lake, Portsmouth with the loss of one life 16/09/99