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Pacific Sun
(No 14/2009)
Cruise ship Investigation of heavy weather encountered by the cruise ship 200 miles north north east of North Cape, New Zealand, resulting in injuries to 77 passengers and crew 30/07/08
Maersk Newport
(No 13/2009)
Container ship Investigations of Heavy weather damage 50 miles west of Guernsey and a fire alongside in Algeciras, Spain. 10/11/08 & 15/11/08
Pacific Star
(No 5/2008)
Passenger Cruise Ship Heavy Weather Damage 10/07/07
Gas Monarch/ Whispa
(No 25/2007)
Gas Carrier/ Sailing Yacht Collision between Gas Carrier and Sailing Yacht, 6 miles ESE of Lowestoft during the evening 16/04/07
(No 24/2007)
Product tanker Loss of control of Product tanker and subsequent heavy contact with jetty at semlogistics terminal, Milford 10/12/07
(No 36/2002)
Passenger cruise ship Wave damage 28/09/00
The Princess Anne
(No 26/2000)
Hovercraft GH-2007 Heavy weather damage 29/02/00