MAIB Safety Bulletins

Safety Bulletins are produced when urgent safety issues emerge during the course of an investigation and the Chief Inspector decides to disseminate this important information in advance of the main investigation report being produced.

The following Safety Bulletins are available for downloading:

Vessel Name Vessel Type Accident Type

Accident Date

(SB 3/2014)
General cargo vessel Entry of a confined space in Goole Docks Humberside, resulting in three fatalities. 26/05/2014
ECC Topaz
Workboat Fire and subsequent foundering 11nm east of Lowestoft. 14/1/2014
Scallop-dredger Carbon monoxide poisoning on board Eshcol in Whitby, North Yorkshire resulting in two fatalities. 15/01/2014
Wacker Quacker 1 / Cleopatra
DUKW amphibious vehicle The sinking of Wacker Quacker 1 in Salthouse Dock, Liverpool and the fire on board Cleopatra on the River Thames, London. 15/06/2013 and
Bayliner 285 motor cruiser Carbon monoxide poisoning on board Bayliner 285 motor cruiser Arniston on Windemere, Cumbria resulting in two fatalities. 1/04/2013
Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat Ejection of family of six from an 8.0m RHIB in the Camel Estuary leading to two fatalities and serious injuries to two people 5/05/2013
Car Carrier Malfunction of a proximity switch, which resulted in the failure of a fall wire with the loss of one life on Tombarra 7/02/2011
Car Carrier Overweight rescue boat identified during the investiagtion into the failure of a fall wire with the loss of one life on Tombarra

Shipowners warned of rescue boats being heavier than designed - Feedback sought from owners and operators to try and determine the extent of the problem email MAIB.

RMS Queen Mary 2
Passenger Cruise Vessel Catastrophic failure of a capacitor and explosion in an 11kV harmonic filter on board RMS Queen Mary 2 23/09/2010
Commodore Clipper
Ro-ro passenger Vessel Vehicle deck fire on board Commodore Clipper 16/06/2010
Oscar Wilde
Passenger Ferry Failure of fixed high expansion foam system to extinguish fire on board Oscar Wilde 2/02/2010
Olivia Jean
Scallop Dredger Safety critical stability issues identified on board Olivia Jean 10/10/2009
Young Lady and Stellar Voyager
Tanker Catastrophic failure of high pressure hydraulic anchor windlasses on both Young Lady and Stellar Voyager 23/03/2009
Class V Passenger vessel Passenger fatality during disembarkation from Hurlingham 17/08/2008
Viking Islay, Sava Lake and Saga Rose
ERRV, General Cargo Vessel and Passenger Cruise Vessel Fatalities in enclosed spaces in three separate incidents 11/07/2008
Time Flies
Rigid Inflatable Boat Failure of seat attachement on Time Flies resulting in three crew falling overboard 1/12/2007
Haitian Sloop
Sloop Capsize of sloop while under tow by Turks and Caicos Islands' Police Launch Sea Quest with the loss of 59 lives 4/05/2007
Sunfast 37 yachts
Jeanneau 'Sunfast 37' Bermudan rig yachts Gybing on yachts - two separate accidents resulting in life threatening injuries to crew members 31/05/2006
Star Princess
Passenger Cruise Vessel Fire on board Bermudan registered Star Princess 23/03/2006
Sorceror 373 powerboats
Powerboats Very serious injury to the 13 year old co-driver of a powerboat following a collision in Portland harbour during a junior offshore race 19/06/2005
Tugs and Vessels under tow or escort
Tugs and Merchant Vessels Collisions and contacts between tugs and vessels under tow or escort in United Kingdom Ports 6/06/2005
Loch Lomond RIB
Rigid Inflatable Boat Two fatalities from a high-speed RIB accident 13/03/2005
Coral Acropora
Gas Carrier Accidental release of Vinyl Chloride Monomer from Coral Acropora while alongside ar Runcorn 10/08/2004
Julian Paul
Fishing Vessel Quick release arrangements for the manual deployment of inflatable liferafts 1/05/2004
Fishing Vessel Near lethal use of CO2 on board Elegance, 30 miles north-west of the Shetland Islands 30/01/2004
Breakaway V
Hired Motor Crusier Capsize of Breakaway V on the River Bure, Norfolk 19/07/2003
P&OSL Aquitaine
Ro-ro Passenger Vessel Fatal accident during a marine evacuation system deployment drill in Dover Harbour 09/02/2002
Nottingham Princess
River Cruiser Collision between Nottingham Princess and Trent Bridge 15/11/2002
Portsmouth Express
High Speed Craft Wave wash incident 1/11/2002
Fishing Vessel Grounding 21/09/2002
Fishing Vessel Loss of one crewman following the sinking of Radiant about 45 miles north-west of the Isle of Lewis 10/04/2002
Product Tanker Grounding of Willy in Cawsand Bay, Cornwall 1/01/2002
Ash and Dutch Aquamarine
Motor Vessels Collision between Ash and Dutch Aquamarine south-east of Hastings in the Dover TSS, resulting in the loss of one life 9/10/2001
Grand Turk
Frigate Accident to crewmember on board Grand Turk while alongside in HM Dockyard, Portsmouth 24/08/2001
Pride of Bilbao
Ro-ro Passenger Vessel Launching and recovery of rescue boats 1/07/2000
Ro-ro Passenger Vessel Bow visor opening and closing procedures 16/07/2000
Solstice II
Fishing Vessel Fatal accident to crewmember 13/05/2000
Solway Harvester
Fishing Vessel Foundering 11 miles east of the Isle of Man resulting in the loss of seven lives 11/01/2000
Dory-type boats
Dory's Unstable dories, flooded void space 1/12/1999
Rachel Harvey
Fishing Vessel Grounding and Foundering of Rachel Harvey off Peninnis Head, St Mary's, Isle of Scilly resulting in the loss of one life 1/10/1999
Angling Boat One man lost from Purdy after it was struck by a large wave off Harwich 17/07/1999
Lord Trenchard
Sail Training Vessel Explosion on board Lord Trenchard resulting in injuries to four people 30/06/1999