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[1].   Maria H
Investigation Report Maria H file iconMaria H Synopsis (13.01 kb) Report name: Maria H (08/2003) Incident date: 29 May 2002 Category: Merchant vessels Summary: Report on the investigation of Maria H striking the Keadby railway bridge 29 May 2002 Download report: PDF iconmaria-h.pdf (250.29 kb)
fv Mariama K FR242 Report name: fv Mariama K FR242 (12/2001) Incident date: 10 June 2000 Category: Fishing vessels Summary: Report of the investigation of a carbon monoxide poisoning on fv Mariama K(FR242) in Douarnenez, France on 10 June 2000 with one fatality. Download report: PDF iconmariama-k.pdf (240.20 kb)
Investigation report Margaretha Maria file iconMargaretha Maria Synopsis (71.89 kb) Report name: Margaretha Maria Incident date: 11 November 1997 Category: Fishing vessels Summary: Report of the Inspectors' Inquiry into the sinking of the fishing vessel Margaretha Maria BM148 with the loss of four crew between 11 and 17 November 1997 Download report: PDF iconmargaretha_ maria_pub_1999.pdf (4,775.72 kb)
[4].   mariama-k.pdf
While making preparations for her departure from Douarnenez, a portable petrol-engined pump was used to pump out the engine room bilges. 2.2 PORTABLE PUMPS Portable pumps, driven by diesel or petrol engines, are carried by a number of UK fishing vessels. 18 Portable pump as vessel’s only bilge pump The Fishing Vessels (Safety Provisions) Rules 1975 require a fishing vessel longer than 24.4m to have no fewer than two independent powered bilge pumps. synopsis.pdf
25/07/13 CMA CGM Florida and Chou Shan (No 11/2014) Container vessel and bulk carrier Collision between container vessel CMA CGM Florida and the bulk carrier Chou Shan in open water 140 miles east of Shanghai. 22/10/2011 Clipper Point (No 16/2012) Ro-ro cargo ferry Contact between the ro-ro cargo ferry, at the Port of Heysham? 31/03/2010 and 29/08/2010 Scottish Viking & Homeland (No 4/2011) Ro-ro passenger vessel & fishing vessel Collision resulting in one fatality.
Eshcol (No 14/2014) Fishing vessel Carbon monoxide poisoning on board the fishing vessel resulting in two fatalities in Whitby. 11/09/12 Purbeck Isle (No 7/2013) Fishing vessel Foundering of fishing vessel 9 miles south of Portland Bill, England, resulting in the loss of her three crew. 20/12/09 Olivia Jean (No 10/2010) Fishing vessel Injury to fisherman 10/10/09 Korenbloem, Osprey III, Optik (No 6/2010) Fishing vessels Fatal manoverboard accidents November 2009 Aquila (No 5/2010) Fishing ...
s Pier, River Thames, London 02/05/05 Lord Nelson (No 14/2004) Sail training vessel Contact with Tower Bridge, London, River Thames 15/05/04 Reno/Ocean Rose (No 13/2004) Chemical Tanker/Fishing vessel Collision 06/03/04 Scot Venture (No 11/2004) General Cargo vessel Contact with Number 16 buoy by Scot Venture, Drogden Channel, Denmark 29/01/04 P&O Nedlloyd Vespucci/ Wahkuna (No 28/2003) Container ship/Yacht Collision 28/05/03 Nottingham Princess (No 21/2003) River Cruiser Striking of Trent ...
[9].   Injury/Fatality
18/12/13 Eshcol (No 14/2014) Fishing Vessel Carbon monoxide poisoning on board a fishing vessel, resulting in two fatalities in Whitby. JCK (No 2/2014) fishing vessel Foundering of the fishing vessel with the loss of her skipper in Tor Bay. 10/10/09 Korenbloem, Osprey III, Optik (No 6/2010) Fishing vessels Fatal manoverboard accidents November 09 Aquila (No 5/2010) Fishing vessel Capsize of a fishing vessel with the loss of three lives 20/07/09 Maggie Ann (No 19/2009) Fishing vessel ...
Maggie Ann (No 19/2009) Fishing vessel Fatality due to manoverboard. 12/02/09 Danielle (No 5/2007) Scallop dredger Major injury sustained by crew member 06/06/06 Sian Elizabeth (No 3/2007) Steel fishing vessel Injury to crew member 14/09/06 Ocean Star (No 13/2003) Stern twin-rig trawler Fatality 26/11/01 Osprey(No 3/2003) Fishing vessel Fatal accident to a man overboard from the fishing vessel Osprey in Lochinver Harbour 20/04/02 Gemma Fidelis (No 24/2002) Stern Trawler Fatal accident 23/10/...

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